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How many celebrities has Aaron Ramsey’s goal scoring “curse” killed ?

For several years, Aaron Ramsey has been under what seems like an unbelievable curse. When Aaron Ramsey scores, famous celebrities/stars usually die within 24 hours.

It all started 10 years ago, people used to think of it as a co-incidence, but now they are not so sure. This theory seems to be confirmed months after month. When Ramsey returned after a horrific injury (he broke his leg at Stoke City after a horrific tackle) and scored a winner against Manchester United on 1st May 2011, the then-20-year-old midfielder was over the moon. In that 1-0 win at the Emirates, he was vindicated after a number of people said his career was over.

The very next day, the most wanted terrorist in the world “Osama bin Laden” was killed by US Navy SEALs in a house in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While the death itself was celebrated, nobody bothered to link it with Ramsey’s comeback goal back then.

When he started scoring goals on a more regular basis for the Gunners, a pattern started to emerge. Soon, famous personalities – both good and bad – were victims of the so-called ‘Ramsey Curse’. When the Welshman scored a goal, a celebrity was reported dead soon after, most often within the next 24 hours.

“I didn’t find it funny the most ridiculous rumour I’ve heard is that people die after I score, there have been loads of occasions where I’ve scored and somebody hasn’t died. That’s just a crazy rumour. I didn’t really find it funny.” – Ramsey

No of Celebrities Died after Ramsey’s Goal

# Date Match Celebrity Death
1 1 May 2011 Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United Osama bin Laden
2 2 October 2011 Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Arsenal Steve Jobs
3 19 October 2011 Marseille 0-1 Arsenal Muammar Gaddafi
4 11 February 2012 Sunderland 1-2 Arsenal Whitney Houston
5 30 November 2013 Cardiff City 0-3 Arsenal Paul Walker
6 20 April 2014 Hull City 0-3 Arsenal Rubin “Hurricane” Carter
7 10 August 2014 Arsenal 3-0 Manchester City Robin Williams
8 23 August 2014 Everton 2-2 Arsenal Richard Attenborough
9 9 January 2016 Arsenal 3-1 Sunderland David Bowie
10 13 January 2016 Liverpool 3-3 Arsenal Alan Rickman
11 5 March 2016 Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal Nancy Reagan

AARON RAMSEY has scored again for Arsenal against CSKA Moscow, striking fear into celebrities around the world.

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