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UEFA Nations League Explained. Here is what you should know.

The Nations League will see UEFA’s 55 member nations take part. The teams are divided into four leagues (A,B,C and D) depending on their coefficient. Each league, in turn, will be divided into groups.

Each of the teams will play each other home and away in September, October and November and those top of group B, C and D will gain promotion, while those bottom of A,B and C will relegated. The next season is 2020/21.

The winner of each group in League A will qualify for the UEFA Nations League finals next June, with the knockout phase to be hosted by one of its participating nations and the draw will be held in December.

Which countries are in which Leagues and Groups?

Complete calender for Match Day 1:

Complete calender for Match Day 2:

Complete calender for Match Day 3:

Complete calender for Match Day 4:

Complete calender for Match Day 5:

Complete calender for Match Day 6:

Why was the competition created?

Ex-UEFA president Michel Platini came up with it and managed to get it over the line before being forced to leave after a corruption scandal. “The friendly matches no longer interest anyone, neither fans or journalists or players,” he said.

UEFA’s goal with the Nations League is to keep public interest beyond the European Championship.


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